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Rotary of Franklin Club Treasurer Lenny Jordan (L) presents fellow member Dennis Sanders (R) with a shelter box certificate in honor of Sanders’ late father Clyde Sanders July 27th, 2011.


Rotary Club of Franklin Shelterbox Project





Rotary Club of Franklin member and past president Elbie Stiles was inspired to get involved with Shelterbox after touring countries all over the world that were much in need of basic supplies and lacking in shelter. 



Shelter Boxes, containers which are packed with emergency care equipment such as tents, water, a privacy screen, warm blankets, stoves, and other items, are sent to a variety of places where people need help from various disasters.   

Started by Tom Henderson, a retired British Navy diver in England, the Shelter Box program has helped over 600,000 people in over 45 countries with donations totaling $60,000,000.     

Some examples of disaster areas where Shelter Box has been helpful include 200,000 people aided from the 2004 tsunami in Sumatra and also those affected by a dam break in 2007 in North Korea.    

For those wishing to donate money to the project, a  contribution of $14.40 buys a shelter box.  Rotarians contribute half of Shelter Box aid. Also watch for matching club incentives to help fund the purchase of a shelterbox.  For more information about the program contact or contact Rotary Club of Franklin's Bill McGaha.

(article by Co-Public Relations Director Austin Bridges from the August 8th, 2012 Flywheel)