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FRANKLIN (Past, Present and Future)

28-29   Sam Franks

28-29   D.D. Rice

29-30   G.A. Jones

30-31   J.A. Flannagan

31-32   G.L. Houk

32-33   J.S. Conley

33-34   J.E. Lancaster

34-35   J.S Porter and H.T. Sloan

35-36   F.S. Sloan and W.E. Furr

36-37   G.L. Houk

37-38   George Johnston and J.E. Perry

38-39   John Archer

39-40   W.E. Furr

40-41   S.L. Mendenhall

41-42   Charles Melicar

42-43   Lem Stokes

43-44   E.J. Whitmire

44-45   H.W. Cabe

45-46   Carl Slagle

46-47   H.H. Gnuse

47-48   R.S. Jones

48-49   Bill Sloan

49-50   Albert Ramsey and E.W Renshaw

50-51   J.B. Ray

51-52   Norman Blaine

52-53   Don Smith

53-54   Bryant McClure and Clyde Murray

54-55   W.N. Sloan

55-56   Erwin Patton

56-57   George McSween

57-58   Bill Garrison

58-59   Bob Carpenter

59-60   Weimer Jones

60-61   Alan Brooks

61-62   Wayne Proffitt

62-63   Hillyer Fisher

63-64   Clayton Ramsey

64-65   Lon Hayes

65-66   Sidney Martin

66-67   C.S. Brown

67-68   J.C. Jacobs

68-69   Bill Walker

69-70   Norman Gilbert

70-71   Gene Lawrence

71-72   R.S. Jones, Jr.

72-73   Wayne Swank

73-74   Harold Moore

74-75   Tom Porter

75-76   Bob Scott

76-77   Roy Rickman

77-78   Al James

78-79   Ron Winecoff

79-80   Al Thackery

80-81   Dennis Sanders

81-82   Bud Siler

82-83   Everett Stiles

83-84   Fred Berger

84-85   Bill Smart

85-86   Tom Watson and Dennis Sanders

86-87   William Kearney

87-88   David Hill

88-89   Fred Alexander

89-90   Keith Pope

90-91   Tom W. Brown

91-92   Dave Millikan

92-93   Keith Clark

93-94   Tom H. Brown

94-95   Ed Shatley

95-96   Bill Barr

96-97   Linda Harbuck

97-98   Granville Younce

98-99   Cardy White

99-00   Danny Baldwin

00-01   Dave Jones

01-02   Tom James

02-03   Dwight Vinson

03-04   Jerry Buschmann

04-05   Susan Gibbs

05-06   Hank Shuler

06-07   John Short

07-08   Elbie Stiles

08-09   Larry Hollifield

09-10   Ashley Vinson

10-11   John Yermack

11-12   Mike Norris

12-13   Gary Dills

13-14   Nancie Wilson

14-15   Susie Ledford

15-16   Sean Gibson

16-17   Lenny Jordan

17-18   Judy Chapman

18-19   Janet Jacobs Greene

19-20   Rich Peoples

20-21   Patrick Betancourt



Club History 

Rotary Club of Franklin members had a chance to look back on some history at the November 7th, 2012 meeting with a club member picture from the 1948-49 Rotary Year in Franklin.  Member JC Jacobs is the only surviving member from that Rotary Year.


The History of the Rotary Club of Franklin

By Cardy White


The Rotary Club of Franklin was formed November 10, 1927, under the sponsorship of the Waynesville Rotary Club. The first president was Sam L. Franks. At the time the Club was formed, Rotary International was only twenty-two (22) years old. In the eighty-five (85) years that have passed since then the hills of Western North Carolina have seen many changes, but Rotary has continued to be strong and vital in the town of Franklin. Im-proved transportation and communications have made neighbors out of the residents of coves and hollows as well as making neighbors of a much larger portion of the state, the nation, and the world.

The club has moved beyond its isolation in a valley that was more accessible to North Georgia than it was to the rest of the state of North Carolina. We have had strong leaders representing us in the legislative halls of Raleigh as well as in the Congressional passages of Washington. So has our involvement in Rotary that has expanded over the last eighty-five years. We are especially proud of the fact that we have reached beyond ourselves to form new clubs in our part of the state. Clubs in Bryson City (founded January 6, 1934), Highlands (founded May 2, 1945), a second club in Franklin (Daybreak Rotary Club founded December 1, 1997), and a club in Hayesville (Clay County Rotary Club founded June, 9 2011). All were sponsored by the Franklin Rotary Club.

          The Club reached out to bring in women as members in the latter part of the 1980s.  Its first woman president took office in 1996, the second in 1998. Much of our paper history has been lost over time, but the spirit which is the life of Rotary around the world continues to permeate the Franklin Club through its members, its leaders and its constant pursuit of service above self. There continues to exist today, a very active Interact Club at Franklin High School.  The club has been welcomed by school administration for a number of years.  The school has provided active and enthusiastic support. This club has sponsored Boy Scout Troop 202 for over 70 years.  For many years the troop’s scoutmaster and the BSA Daniel Boone Council’s District Executive for this scouting committee were members of the Franklin Rotary Club.  A scouting committee has been part of our Community Service area.

Over the years, club members have volunteered for community betterment projects such as a clean river (the Little Tennessee) and support of a Greenway along the river. The club’s major fund-raising project for several years has been to provide funds for scholarships to students graduating from Franklin High School.  Several years ago leadership of the club challenged members to raise $100,000 as a base for an ongoing scholarship program.  The goal was reached through several years of holding a raffle (The Roy Rickman Scholarship Raffle- where a truck or automobile is raffled off).  All of the monies – after meeting the expenses of the raffle (including the printing of the tickets that sold for $100 each, advertising in the local papers and on radio, a barbecue dinner at which each ticket was drawn) – were invested to produce funds to give four year scholarships to a student selected from the graduating seniors at Franklin High School.  The scholarship has gradually increased to meet the increasing cost of education.  In the years when investments paid good dividends, we have increased the number of scholarships given.  In years when the market was down, more tickets were sold (up to 400 per year).  The increasing cost of the vehicle given has also kept the number of tickets sold up to 400 each year.

Members have traditionally worked with the school system as tutors providing opportunities for students to explore jobs through “shadowing;” participated in career day activities as part of our Vocational Services emphasis.  Rotarians have visited the local Middle School to share the “four-way-test” which will be the subject for student essays, to be judged by teachers with prizes presented by the club in the middle of the school year.

            Over time, the club has become involved beyond our own community.  One of our members has been District Governor (Dennis Sanders in 2001 – 2002).  Another has been made District Governor Nominee for 2014-2015 (Gary Bray).  Dennis has long been active in District 7670, at one time shepherding the student exchange program.  This club has enjoyed hosting several exchange students and sending out students from the area to other countries.  One of our outbound students (to Spain) went on to become an Ambassadorial Scholar (to Mexico).  We have had a special summer exchange program with Austria through Dennis’s leadership. 

Rotary projects have been pursued beyond U.S. borders – wheelchairs for Guatemala, an all-terrain-type ambulance for South Africa to reach areas where medical care is needed, and others. We have been able to send our presidents-elect to the International Conventions for many years – Canada (1996), Scotland (1997), Singa-pore (1999), Venezuela (2000), San Antonio (2001), Madrid (2002), Chicago (2005), and on and on . . .We are currently in the midst of a serious campaign to increase our club membership through aggressive outreach into the community. Bright, young leaders are emerging with creative ideas for continuing the vibrant life of the Franklin Rotary Club over the next seventy-five years

The Franklin Rotary Club celebrated its 85th birthday in November of 2012.  Its involvement in District 7670 continues.  Past involvement includes members who have served on district committees.  The Club has inducted two past district governors from other districts into its membership.  “New blood” with expanded experience in Rotary is always welcomed.  We are also particularly proud of the breadth of our member classifications, since we believe that this is indicative of the original intention of the organization of Rotary.

The Franklin Rotary Club is alive and well after eighty-five (85) years of experience, and looking forward to the next eighty-five!

Cardy White is the Rotary Club of Franklin’s history reporter and has served as club president 1998 – 1999, district secretary 2001-2002,  district foundation information chair 1999 – 2000 and past club secretary 1991 - 1992


November 10th, 1927 Rotary Club of Franklin Charter Members.


 The 85th birthday celebration cake for the Rotary Club of Franklin at the November 7th, 2012 regular meeting.